Earn Money Promo


How would you like to earn money towards your next purchases just by referring your friends to our site!


Here is how it works:

1. Use the contact form to request a Referral Promo Code.

2. Give this Promo Code to everyone you know. (Text them the code, Post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

3. Start earning money for every purchase made with that promo code.


So your asking what do you make per order, and why would your friends use this code… Here is the good part!!

1. Anyone that uses your Promo Code, will receive a $2.00 credit off each item they order!

2. Every order that is complete with your Promo Code, you will receive a $3.00 store credit for each item!

(*Lets say your friend buys 2 shirts, they will receive $4.00 off and you will receive $6.00 in store credit.)


** Referral Promo Codes cannot be combined with any other promo. Jesus Life and its employees have the right to cancel this promo at anytime. We also have the right at anytime and for any reason to revoke any store credits given out to participants of this promotion.